Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bats in the Cave

For many years, decades, centuries, etc. people have been dealing with boogers in their noses. I was thinking about it today when the allergies I never had before I quit smoking cigarettes led me to constantly scratch my nose since 10am. Seriously all day. So annoying. I get a little complex about it because I don't want people to assume I'm looking for the coke I missed. So paranoid. I just kept sniffin' and rubbing even though I was completely aware that I just needed to pick it. Sometimes blowing doesn't help and sometimes the scratching the nose doesn't help and then you are forced to get to diggin'. An old friend that I've lost touch with and I used to call out, "Stevaay" when we needed one to check our booger situation. "Stevaay" was for Stevie Wonder. If we threw our heads back, side to side then said it, the other would know to look for boogers. It was a good system because virtually no one would get it or at least no one said anything.

A blog of boogers. They do freeze in the winter.

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