Thursday, February 01, 2007

Get out and Thank

There are many days social interaction is not on the agenda and those days exist now because most everything I say is interpreted the opposite of what I was trying to communicate thus leading my confidence on a downward spiral and keeping me safe at home. A rather large wordage misstep occurred during a recent visit with a friend who has a significant amount of money and as I looked out at his land, I didn't scream, but I said out and fulled voiced, "I just want to drink in the richness", and he said, "What's that supposed to mean?" "The richness of" That's really all I meant, because the trees were so green and the air was so clean and virtually the best I'd ever breathed. He seemed so alarmed it almost made me weep. We are good now. I don't think he thinks I'm after his money because that is furthest from my mind. I value our friendship so far above money it's immeasurable the distance. He is one that can get me out of the house no matter what stupid junk I say. He is thanked every day for that. Have a good day.

Thank someone.