Thursday, February 19, 2009

Diner of High Rep

The Chicago Diner. I have been trying to get over to this place for some time now and on spur of the moment, we made it part of the evening. My lovely friend Kari and I went to The Peggy Notebaert Museum this evening for a The Economics of Global Warming with Paul Solman.

They served cheese and crackers with wine and Perrier for the reception. It was a packed house, it was free, insightful, alarming, and kind of weird. It's still more or less the same people that make their way to Peggy's events along with the subscribers/members. Always a smorgasbord of the nerdalertastic and not so. Tonight a woman just kept vocalizing her anti-government movement. The presenter kind of talked in circles, but had some good information and was cool enough. I'll remain a nice person and not go into the details about the size of someone's cranium (not the speaker). It was distractingly large. Going forward. So after the lecture, I asked Mr Solman, prefacing it by saying it might be more of a science question, but 'wouldn't squeezing or sucking out fossil fuels from the earth instigate plate tectonics?' and he couldn't totally answer the question, but went on to say that the Sichuan Province earthquake may be the result of the excavation for the dam being built.

So after a very stimulating evening, Kari proposes we go for some dinner at the Chicago Diner. I was delighted. Never been and again, have been meaning to go. Just a moment ago, I realized why I could not finish the meal and it was because I didn't expect dinner so I had chowed down a little on crackers and cheese so my stomach would resist growling during the presentation. That is why I had to take some to go. There will need to be a second visit when actually hungry. Good atmosphere and crew. Couple birthdays in the house. It's a cute place. They turn down the lights and sing "Happy Birthday" with one candle lit slice of cake.

I have such terrific ladies in my life. After dinner Kari drove me home to BFE which was so super and she paid for dinner AND she gave me a Trader Joe's gift card for watching she and her husband's super sweet dogs Chako and Shelby. Such terrific pooches.

I did not shovel my driveway this snow round and I hope I do not regret the decision to stay in bed this morning instead of getting up to shovel. I still love winter.