Friday, July 19, 2013


How we are so progressive and so antiquated at the same time is beyond me.  And most of it stems in violence and morals.  Obama spoke on the Trayvon Martin case and it wasn't a moment too soon.  Last night I went to the wake of a 25 year old man gunned down on the streets of Chicago.  Sitting in his car.  Now, I have no idea what he was doing there, but it wasn't a good place to be nonetheless.  It occurred to me that I have only been to one other service for a young person and that was my lovely best friend Jenn.  Not a day goes by that I don't wish I had her to consult and laugh with and get yelled at by.  Dearest.  This young man was that to someone, too, his mother.  His mother is a dear woman, kind soul, and strong.  She is also a dear friend.  As I entered the chapel, an overwhelming sense of loss struck me.  I have not really cried at a funeral or wake in a very long time.  Jenn's cry came later because somehow without us trying to miss it, believe me, we were just late enough to miss the service and eulogies.  We drove 17 hours straight through-Chicago to the Eastern Shore of Virginia.  I drove 17 hours straight through because I refused to be left to my own thoughts in the back seat.  I can cry at a commercial or an awards show really easily, but death is something I've known about my whole life and very seldom cry during a service.  I couldn't hold it together for my friend yesterday.  I'm usually much more composed in that setting, but it took me somewhere I've never been; and that was in the middle of Englewood, paying respects to someone I'd never met after he was killed on the streets and he was my friend's son.  I just wanted to keep hugging her.  Having said all of this.  Obama compared himself to Trayvon Martin.  I compare my friend and the loss of her son to any other parent who loses a child, old or young.  Beyond race, creed, sexual orientation, military affiliation, afflictions, hairstyles, clothing, cars, houses, lifestyles, decisions, parent should have to see their child pass before them.  For Jenn's husband and her mom I may have cried the most.  That's your girl.  She was your sunshine.  It broke my heart in so many places; I can't imagine the pain they felt.  I felt a similar pain for my friend when I saw her yesterday and I had no control over my tears for my friend, her husband and family.  No parent should have to bury their child, no matter what.  I feel for Trayvon Martin's parents on many levels and most of it comes from anger.  Anger because of ignorance on all sides.  A young boy lost his life- in both cases.  Perhaps they could have been prevented.  Both were in their cars.  Both should have moved along in their car.  No parent should have to lose their child to death.  

This week has been a roller coaster of emotion and it was all connected.  Sir Paul McCartney played Blackbird at his concert in Milwaukee this week and as much as I would like to share a more recent version of the song, I'm not really interested in sharing a crowd singing along.  It's distracting.  Sir Paul singing live in 1975.  Blackbird.

I did have a really hard time with the passing of Davy Jones of the Monkees.  He was a major influence on the Beatles, don't you know.  ;-)