Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Takin' Its Toll a Little Late

Since the release of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera, I have been a staunch non-conformist. I have never regretted my decision to dismiss that show no matter how much of a fan of that type of theatre I was and still tend to be. Today I was greeted with three CDs in the mailbox. (Thank you Amazon.com) All three were Maroon 5. I admit it. I'm late. As goes the usual. In 2003 I was prithee to my first DVD recording (got 2 under my belt now) in Milwaukee at the ever interesting Eagle's Ballroom. A good pal of mine was recording his DVD and had this obscure (at least to me) band opening for him for this DVD shoot. He, like always, encouraged me to hear the opening bands, but being the person that I was and in some ways still am, the type that wants to see what's going on backstage. I am a bummed that I didn't introduce myself to Adam Levine and the band when I had the chance. His voice has been haunting me for a few months and I finally broke down and because I still live in 1996, I bought 3 cheap CDs that, as I type this, have already paid for themselves. I can already say that the acoustic album is my favorite - and it has nothing to do with the Beatles "If I Fell" or "Highway to Hell" covers (the latter gets a giggle even though it was a good try). As for Phantom, I appreciate the music and certainly the original cast, but I still don't need to see it nor do I regret not seeing it. Thanks for reviving my need for new music Maroon 5. Have a great tour!

It Won't Be Soon Before Long
Songs About Jane
1.22.03 Acoustic

Friday, October 02, 2009

Racists at Best - Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh

GLENN BECK AND RUSH LIMBAUGH CAN SUCK MY MOTHER FUCKING DICK!!! I hate you both. At the end of the fucking day, you both CAN and WILL go to fucking hell. The heavens will open and not a lightning bolt, but a nuclear bomb will seek you BOTH out and blow YOU BOTH the FUCK up. FUCK YOU for both dogging out Chicago not getting the Olympics. YOU BOTH FAT MOTHER FUCKERS SHOULD BE ASHAAAAAAAMMMMMED OF YOURSELVES FOR THE WORDS YOU USE AND SHARE!



STOP FUCKING TALKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's All Too Much

The Beatles are my TuPac. I have not acquired all that is Beatles or derivatives of the genius. Back when my car was stolen all the CD's inside went with it so I had asked friends to share some of their collection that may or may not be something lost. My musically inclined good friend Sarah and her equally if not slightly more musically inclined fiancee gave me some gems including Yellow Submarine which is one of the only albums I had not acquired in my 20 years of adoration. Honestly, the yellow kept me away. Seriously. Not sure the reason even after years of encouragement, but it took me seeing LOVE in Vegas to really appreciate the songs I had not heard before or seldom and probably didn't know it was the Beatles. No offense to all else that happened in Vegas, but LOVE was the best thing about the trip. I've not been the same person since the trip. I am not sure if it is good or bad, but things have been more than just off since and because of the gravity and length of some of these things that have happened over the last 6 months or so and most within the same week of each other if not only a week or two apart, I'll just sum up the points good or bad- roughly in chronological order.

Nov 08 - sister diagnosed with breast cancer
Dec 08 - sister to have double mastectomy (pity she had great breasts)
May 7 - My birthday - Vegas: Valley of Fire, Red Rock Canyon, LOVE (stellar day)
May 8 - in Vegas; Time share debacle = illness= missing poolside buddy hang time; made up with evening/early am buddy hang time - LOVE YOU!
May 9 - still in Vegas and no kind of heat make it any better; great concerts by DMB and Jason Mraz and some more buddy hang time.
May 10 - more heat. Same thing in most casinos. My travel buddy Laurie was awesome to put up with my complaints, idiosyncrasies, and dramatics. It was great to see some good and old buddies! Thanks Vegas.
May 14 - More car trouble almost made me cancel road trip to Richmond/Va Beach then Mom calls to announce she has breast cancer before I go on the trip after I've been contemplating not going
May 15 - Drive Chicago to Richmond, Va - Stay with awesome bro Matt and sis-in law Jennifer with their retarded children (they're not retarded- quite the opposite, in fact so much the opposite that I feel like a retard) Henry and Truman
May 16 - T- ball with bro and nephew Henry - so cute. Then almost late to friend Nancy's wedding- comical running around the church trying to find the door to enter. Reception was lovely - held at Bank. Met good buddies Melissa and Barry at the church and forgot about seeing Paul which made the reception and later evening just delightful.
May 17 - Hang with a few more friends and some family time.
May 18- Drive to Virginia Beach and relax for a few minutes
May 19 - Drs apps - Mom
May 20 - Drs app - Jim (my stepdad), Virginia Beach's first Trader Joe's with Mom, then local farm for veggies, dinner at Lynnhaven Fishouse, my now ex-sis- in law that hasn't seen my other sister Terry in 5 yrs shows up, then my sis and her 3 kids + 1 friend descend
May 21 - My other bro Mike in Va Beach's birthday and his eldest son, Taylor, gets kicked out of (correctional) school 3 weeks before graduating for smoking weed. (Mike just married his 2nd wife, Michelle, in early May- that's a whole other blog in itself).
May 22 - Hung out with some good old Va Beach buddies - Michael and me went to Chick's, then Kandis came over to hang, but didn't get to cover all bases.
May 23 - Birthday dinner celebration for Jim; All the kids and their kids and Jim's sis and her husband, and some other friends - on into the evening and find out my oldest nephew is such a hood that 15 cops raided my ex-sis-in-law's house because they were looking for graffiti tagging evidence. Holy schnikeys. (update - Nephew Taylor is in jail for 30 days for graffiti tagging with a magic marker)
May 24 - Drive Va Beach to Chicago with a 4 hour delay in Kentucky. Got to Kentucky to see Ken and Kathy around 10pm. So good to see them. We visited until about 2:30am and then I had just about 5 hours left to Chicago. Got home, unpacked (rental) car and went directly to Whole Foods to get groceries because I was unsure if I was going to have a functioning car after I dropped off the rental. Mem Day. Enterprise Car Rental is closed.
May 25 - veg.
May 26 - Return rental in morning. Worked all day. Go to mechanic after work to find out that nothing had been done with the car and come to find out the $1300 work needing to be done was covered under warranty after I spent $400+ on a rental car.

Amidst all of these situations, my boss got a promotion which brought me up without paid compensation. Today she tells me that I am not "available" enough and that my work right now does not merit the increase. Ah, good times. What greeted me when I got home today ? One of the barking fucking Cocker fucking Spaniels next door bit me. Love this country!

Consequently, my mother starts chemo next Wed.

The title of this post is in reference to the last track on Yellow Submarine.

Community Diving

(Originally posted for 4.16.09)
Tonight was the area Block Club meeting and our discussion was about safety for the community around one of the neighborhood high schools. I was given the heavy task of chairing the meeting. It was ok. I've spoken in front of crowds before and somewhat on a whim, but this was a passionate and upset group of folks that wanted some answers from the principal and the local police districts. I've attended two meetings prior to this, and neither were in that space, had that many people attend, and it was to be held like a panel discussion. The most compelling piece was when a woman dressed in a very sensible pantsuit with a bag carrying a baseball bat, a broom handle, a thick steel metal pipe, a knife, and assortment of other smaller weapons that may have been used or were intended to be used by students passing by. She then pulled out a rock about the size of a softball and proceeded to demonstrate how the "group" would gather keeping watch on a certain car parked on the block and once that car was driving past the "group" then they would throw these rocks at the car. Compelling. There had been no hard evidence to be proven other than the calls that are actually made to the police, until now. The whole meeting now has pitted the principal of the problem school become very defensive and uncooperative. This post comes after several Chicago Public School children have been killed in drive bys and then preceded many that have been killed since.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pivotal If Not Just Awesome

Not to gloat, but I have a sweet arsenal of kick ass friends. Thank you Facebook. It is just a sheer treat to not only see these faces again, but to also understand how much they mean to me every day of my life without being in contact with them. Today alone brought a friend back into my life since losing touch 15 yrs ago. Along with the friend confirmation, I sent her a personal note expressing to her that now I was back in contact with two people that I have peed my pants with more than once. This story must be shared. Picture two 12 year old girls coming home after drama class laughing it up (I wish to the universe wtf we were laughing about) and we get almost to the front door of my house, but neither of us can make it as we are laughing so hard and now had to pee. We were both leaned up against my Mom's Mercury Stationwagon, she at the driver's door and I was near the front, with our legs crossed so tightly because we were still laughing and pee keeps creeping out which makes us laugh even harder and so on and so forth. It makes me laugh now and I have to go just thinking about it. If there was anything I miss more in my life right now is that intense laughter. I used to LMAO all the fn time when I was a kid and now I have to almost force the intense hilarity that my friends and I imagined and talked about openly. Laugh people. Right now we need laughter and it guarantees length to your life if done regularly and often. I won't mush out right here after reminiscing about peeing my pants on a regular basis and because we made a radio station up called Z10-FART. Two 12 yr old girls- Farty and Fartette. We had such a good time. Give it up!!! Whoop whoop!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

In Response to the Previous Post and Such

Thank you Blogger, for allowing me to yell at people instead of shooting them.

Fuck You Citibank

Given the current state of everything, I, being a retard, thought I did the right thing by closing my account last April (2008) because the terms were changing. Given the option to opt out of the new terms of the first "bailout" increase in APR, I took it and was advised my APR would not change. And Fuck YOU Citibank again. Now because I am a dumb, clearly retarded individual, my monthly minimum payment is greater now than when I closed the account almost a year ago. What is fucking wrong with this fucking scenario? Oh, right, it's because I'm a poor, fucked, retard. Thanks and keep fucking peeps Citibank! Way to go DOUCHEBAGS of the Century!!!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Tonight my friend Laurie (who is a Big Deal) and I enjoyed RAIN-A TRIBUTE TO THE BEATLES at the Auditorium Theatre. Tons of fun. I was excited, but so not sure what to expect. I only cried once, though, and it was when (the guy playing) Paul sang "Yesterday". That song has always been a strong emotional trigger for me because I think of my Godmother, Joan Hess who died of lung cancer in 1989. She was a delightful woman. "Paul" was the best sounding like the Beatle, but John was a little off and that was a little painful as he is my favorite of the Fab Four. "George" kicked some serious ass on the gueeetaaar. Harrison himself would have been proud of the shreddin' this guy did for the songs he was allowed to shred like "My Guitar Gently Weeps". That rocked. It was so fun to sit in a packed house with a mixture of people that have seen the real thing, would have loved to see them again, and people that could only dream to have seen them, so they go see a really good cover band at one of the best houses in Chicago. Musically it was great. The Auditorium rarely disappoints with its acoustics, specifically, but the guys themselves did a good job playing it the way you hear it on the album and yet remain artists in their own right while paying homage to the greatest band ever. Thanks RAIN!!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Diner of High Rep

The Chicago Diner. I have been trying to get over to this place for some time now and on spur of the moment, we made it part of the evening. My lovely friend Kari and I went to The Peggy Notebaert Museum this evening for a The Economics of Global Warming with Paul Solman.

They served cheese and crackers with wine and Perrier for the reception. It was a packed house, it was free, insightful, alarming, and kind of weird. It's still more or less the same people that make their way to Peggy's events along with the subscribers/members. Always a smorgasbord of the nerdalertastic and not so. Tonight a woman just kept vocalizing her anti-government movement. The presenter kind of talked in circles, but had some good information and was cool enough. I'll remain a nice person and not go into the details about the size of someone's cranium (not the speaker). It was distractingly large. Going forward. So after the lecture, I asked Mr Solman, prefacing it by saying it might be more of a science question, but 'wouldn't squeezing or sucking out fossil fuels from the earth instigate plate tectonics?' and he couldn't totally answer the question, but went on to say that the Sichuan Province earthquake may be the result of the excavation for the dam being built.

So after a very stimulating evening, Kari proposes we go for some dinner at the Chicago Diner. I was delighted. Never been and again, have been meaning to go. Just a moment ago, I realized why I could not finish the meal and it was because I didn't expect dinner so I had chowed down a little on crackers and cheese so my stomach would resist growling during the presentation. That is why I had to take some to go. There will need to be a second visit when actually hungry. Good atmosphere and crew. Couple birthdays in the house. It's a cute place. They turn down the lights and sing "Happy Birthday" with one candle lit slice of cake.

I have such terrific ladies in my life. After dinner Kari drove me home to BFE which was so super and she paid for dinner AND she gave me a Trader Joe's gift card for watching she and her husband's super sweet dogs Chako and Shelby. Such terrific pooches.

I did not shovel my driveway this snow round and I hope I do not regret the decision to stay in bed this morning instead of getting up to shovel. I still love winter.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Time To Rejoice

Pride. Hope. Believe. If you believe and share the love, it will happen. We are on the threshold of one of the most amazing presidential administrations in history. I did not make it to DC for the celebration, but it was on purpose. To recreate the feelings I still tap into from Election Night in Grant Park would be too difficult to imagine. I did not cry that night, but I have cried every day since out of sheer joy and anticipation of the best kind of change. Celebrate. Love. Say it loud, say it proud, "Yes we can and Yes indeedie, we did".