Friday, February 15, 2008

Babbling and Vomiting

The Hippocratic Oath. Do no harm. (I am pro-choice mind you) How do some of these doctors sleep at night? The job is not to stop the issue, it is to present a cure or at the very least, to figure out the best answer and most help without raping us. Don't just stop it, fix it without suppressing. It's such a twisted issue. Have you seen the commercials for the Partnership for a Drug Free America? It's not about your brains on drugs anymore, it's about your teenage kid taking the pills for adult pain, nausea, heartburn, anxiety, blood pressure, craziness, et al. Is prescription drug abuse worse than taking Glade hits. Mind you, I've never taken a Glade hit, but I was entertained by a few incidences that were and still are hilarious. Retarded dangerous, but after the Virginia Tech shootings last year and the more recent NIU shootings, I am thankful I was able to stumble around campus wasted and completely "protected" by my college's arms. Though sad, I am more pissed off that they fucked it up for their fellow students. Forget about fear of rape at night, now you have to fear taking a class in an auditorium, eating lunch in the huge ass dining hall. I realize the digression here, but shit needs to be put into perspective. We need more attention at home. Our elderly, not to mention those not so, are being raped by pharmaceutical companies without a thought. It's not about Medicare, it's about drug prices. It all goes back to education. Education is by FAR the most important thing we need to have for everyone. Free and most excellent. It isn't hard and not nearly as costly as people would expect. If I believed in carrying a gun, I'd shoot the old bible beatin' geezers down myself, but I don't believe in carrying a weapon because I don't want that responsibility. Johnny Dickhead that cut me off a block ago will get my wrath instead of say, oh, the biggest chode of chodes sitting on top of us for the next 339 days. And either is not something that will keep me out of jail, but both might award me a medal of courage. Guns belong to a few. A handful outside of law enforcement and that includes, but not limited to the little Asian lady that owns the Jiffy Mart next to the ghetto. We have to stop hurting our own people. I hope it starts to happen before the end of this heinous term. Life is precious.

My heart goes out to all affected by these horrific shootings. And almost specifically to the shooter's father. I can only assume he is beside himself. I know I would be.

Monday, February 04, 2008


Cock Blowing Station? Since when did CBS get hip? In less than two hours, 5 references to weed, unlimited allusions to the male package and/or Viagra, and constant discussions of sex and masturbation have continuously made my jaw drop. CBS???!!!!! What about Ray? And Murder She Wrote? I used to think the station was the Christian Broadcast Station. Who knew I'd get all hot and bothered?

Well, how I got there is via Bravo, via Actor's Studio with Julia Louis-Dreyfuss. It occurred to me today that she is one of my favorite female comedians. I don't have too many, in fact, maybe two or three. Carol Bernette. huh. Just those two come to mind. Well, kudos to Julia, she gets to be in a relationship with Blair Underwood on the The New Adventures of Old Christine. Good lord that man is beautiful. He makes a show worth watching. Maybe CBS should be BCBS.
You know what I'm talking about.