Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Apparently I'm Retarded

How is it that in an "oil crisis", our only option is to drill Virginia and Alaska? How is it that the so called "stimulus" packages are only now being looked at as insignificant and frankly, another wasting of tax payer money? I'm at a loss here. Being a reformed Republican once I removed my self from the Hollywood image of Reagan, I have now become an honest bleeding heart (without the full throttle of wanted to feed ALL the poor). Sunday I began my detox from aluminum based deodorants and not only do I stink, but the more I think about why I'm doing it makes me sweat harder. Last Thursday I attended a seminar on healthy skin care products hosted by my favorite and only apothecary, Merz (and online at smallflower.com) . I once attended a similar seminar hosted by the same with Burt's Bees as the presenter (not so much of fan of Burt's since it's corporate buyout by Clorox). I tried to detox right after that, but fell ill with each passing whiff of myself, so I bailed on the task. The more I changed to natural products, the more resistant I became about changing deodorants because I naturally sweat harder than any woman I know even with the strongest of agents (Secret). Product packaging along with the ingredients of those products tend to move towards the plastic which clearly is an oil based product and just recently more talk of toxicity coming from those plastics makes me just as queasy as that first college hangover. And speaking as a city employee, the government has an awful lot of audacity to think that our lives can not survive without oil. It is absolute lunacy that we haven't addressed the FDA's "guidelines" and "laws". Plastic kills where glass only cuts or maims. Marijuana is a gift and so is the sun. We spend so much time on shit that doesn't work when these two NATURAL mother fucking resources have not been tapped into for helping offset environmental issues, health issues, and energy issues. The sun is a ball of flame just sitting there asking for us to use her and her hotness while we just sit and bathe in her toxicity using creams that contain harmful and deadly agents of wrath. The marijuana plant or hemp or pot or smokey smoke can help offset the reduction of trees, cotton, beauty products, cancer meds and pain, not to mention the amount of money the government could make off the shit and its distribution. I may not agree with all that the Democrats have given us since being the majority, but Fuck this administration for sucking the dicks of oil companies here and overseas. It is monumentally embarrassing that there is no removing of the oil in sight and we will all die because of it which just makes it difficult to get up and go to work every day. Boo hiss. Wah.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

As the Horn Blows

I am woman. I am a fiesty woman. I am a chill woman. I am a woman who can handle any catastrophe that you throw my way, but if you question my knowledge one more time, I will fucking punch you in the face and rip your sac off! What is it with people not taking my ideas or believing me when I tell them the problem is real? Things have not been going well recently and I am just trying to get through the day without killing myself and those who piss me off near my personal space. Once again my car is getting fixed. More specifically, the horn of my car is being "fixed". Whether they really fix it this time or not is what concerns me the most. The horn, connected to the airbag (how convenient!!) goes off on its own, but there is virtually no way in this day and technology age to document the "mysterious" horn blowing. This issue has been going on for a year and the mechanic may be closer to believing the situation today.

We shall see. According to this forum, sounds like I am SOL!!!!!

Thursday, April 03, 2008


Comcast Assclowns. I realize lots of people have complained about the assclownery that goes on with Comcast Customer Service and I'm adding one more. Not days before I decided to put all my services on one bill with Comcast did a friend of mine rant on and on about how fucking retarded Comcast's customer service is and how he would be canceling his service to deal with another provider. I just chalked it up to my buddy having some anger management issues and customer service ineptitude until I actually had to make calls regarding a minor adjustment to my Comcast service. If you have all three services (internet, cable, and phone) there is not an "all in one" number to push on their menu, so you have to talk to each department seperately to figure out any issue you may have with your service. Nor do the other departments have a screen that indicates you just calling the other departments, so you are constantly repeating yourself. It's obominable. Waste ma time, muthah fuckah and I put a cap in yo' ass. Oh, if only violence made things better. For now, I must blog into the no-0ne-reads-my-shit oblivion.