Thursday, September 15, 2005

Dry Jewel Jello Mix

I have two gentlemen callers; one on the East coast and one on the West. Where am I? Somewhere smack in the middle. Both now have girlfriends, one lives with her and has been dating her all thru our 2 year phone sex/email porn affair while the other just recently acquired a lady after our two year phone sex/twice a year rendezvous affair. Both I knew for a while before ever getting involved. The one in the west and I have only made out, but the one in the east and I were longtime friends then talked ourselves into long distance fuck buddies after an unfortunate event. It's been important for my growth and understanding of yet another aspect of the male species: anal stimulation. In not so much as a week I have spoken with three close male friends of mine about anal poking, licking, fucking and each is a fan of at least one if not all three of the afore mentioned. If at one time in my life I can remember the oddest thing to me was anal sex. I loved gay men, but I just didn't believe that you'd put something in the out hole. It just didn't seem that it could possibly be comfortable let alone sexy or hot, but I have since changed my mind. I'm all over that junk now and in thinking of it and having just had a conversation with the newly acquired girlfriend guy about how clean I was after the penetration, I had to celebrate with a bowl of Dry Jewel Jello Mix since I'm on the rag, can't take care of my business after the phone call and I need chocolate so that's what you git.