Monday, May 26, 2008

Recycling, Good Words, Getting Through

Recently a massive company gave away thousands of free vacuum sealers. "What a crazy campaign!" I thought, but was glad to stand in line for two seconds and not have to fill out anything to receive not one, but TWO of these vacuum sealers. I don't cook that much to really need it and I have an issue about plastics these days (I'm learning to pick my battles), but it might help me work more with leftovers. Regardless, of the free aspect of it, today I took the vacuum thingy out of the package for a closer look and to my dismay, there is not one indicator on the package for recycling or how much of it is post consumer plastic content, etc. My theory for the massive giveaway is there was a massive goof in not having the packaging recyclable or "green" as the kids call it these days. I used to call it "hippie" or "new agey", but these days it's becoming my lifestyle. Maybe it is a win-win giveaway for the company, but I do hope they get on board with less plastic as it is a mauling and killing our environment as well as our offspring.

This past week end was host to a super duper event, Pilcrow Lit Fest, and it was smashing. The attendees and participants were a groovy mix of very cool peeps and their super friends and fans. I was obliged to volunteer at a few of the panels and learned excellent tips and stories of experience from these wonderfully creative writers, authors, publishers, bloggers, and they are all supporters and believers in the true and honest delivery of independent print. This festival has certainly inspired me to not only get back on the regular writing trip, but to get cracking on the comedy release. Well done Pilcrow folks. Cheers to next year and many more!

This has been a week of mental breakdowns and heightened self consciousness which is just obnoxious, but when the time comes and the day of bloodshed is upon us, one sometimes is unable to leave her apartment. I've also become so spazed out in my thirties that I haven't been able to watch movies all the way through. I made myself watch Ratatouille which was delightful. Patton Oswalt has always been a funny performer and he fit very well with the rest of the cast. Distraction. Then I caught most of Breakfast At Tiffany's which I had never seen. It made it more difficult leaving my apartment even though I had more or less planned to be away from it for a stretch of time both weekend days, but got a couple passes on Sunday for commitment stuff so I've been veggin' the last two days. Been somewhat productive, but it seems that they are just daily/weekly chores that pile up. When I have children, they will learn to pick up after themselves and after their mommy. Isn't that why people have children?

On Friday last I joined my friend and her fiancee at Whole Foods for a quick (not) trip to pick up some munchies for the evening. It ended up taking almost an hour. Wow. I hardly take that time when I'm shopping for two weeks of stockage. Whatever. I guess it boils down to how I feel about myself physically and add stonage and you have a highly self conscious individual. For some crazy reason I felt people looking at me strange or with pity as I did not arrive at Whole Foods at the the top of my vain game. We got almost out of the store and got caught up at the deli. They took for-fucking-ever to pick out what they wanted for the three of us to eat. I became more and more uncomfortable as I stood there in agony when all of a sudden "Who Let the Dogs Out" came over the loudspeaker considerably louder than the music that had been playing a moment before. I looked around to see more people looking in my general direction and smiling, but not in a friendly way, more so in a Nelson "haha" way. I have never felt so uncomfortable in my life. One day I won't give a shit, but until then, I shall keep dancin' along in the aisles to those songs that may or may not be dedicated to me at the grocery store.

In life I am looking for a job that incorporates environmental activism, happiness without prescription meds, and sex that involves love without depending on my pointer and index fingers.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Recycling and Pilcrow

Practicing what I preach has been a goal for sometime and though right now I am cutting some corners to save some water, the practice has become a mission and sometimes a blessing. A dear friend is hosting the literary festival Pilcrow and asked me to supply the environmental consulting. At first I thought it just meant fashioning recycling receptacles and it does, but it also means I will handle all of the recycling without help from "corporate" and/or "city" help. It must remain true to the local guys. I picked up a pallet of wood from a local landscaping business, Lake Street Landscape Supply to break apart and fashion some recycling receptacles so that they could be reused, easy to transport, and not plastic. As I realized no matter how much I loved using power tools and could hold my own, I had no idea how to blue print not only the cutting, but then the hinges. What became the most daunting task was that my one good connection with power tools moved. Plan D was to put an add in Craigs to see if someone would loan me their power tools for the afternoon or to ask for help on how to work the construction. My original idea was to acquire cheaply and/or borrow a few walkers with wheels. I think I insulted the companies I inquired with as no one responded. So sad. The initial plan was to ask local recycling resources for assistance in a pick up, but all asked for money by donation or otherwise and I totally understand. I couldn't give them numbers because I wouldn't know the exact situation for this first time venture for the recycling job and the festival itself. As a last ditch before purchasing lame plastic receptacles from Target, I went to the Salvation Army to see if they had ANYTHING suitable for what I was in need and voila! right there under the table in the middle of clothes and purses galore were these five tray tables waiting for me. A little pricier than I expected, but wouldn't you know, they were tagged with a 'made in burma' sticker. I thought, 'what a weird coincidence' because it had only been a day or two since the typhoon, but then I thought, 'are they trying to make more $ off these because of Burma?' Who knows. Whatever, so I got my recycling receptacles, but who knows how well they will work. We know that over 80 participants are ready to be on panels and I couldn't tell you how many fans will attend, so this is quite adventurous for all involved.

Yesterday I attended the Green Festival here in Chicago. 2nd year running and once again, IT WAS FABULOUS!!!! I love, love, love LOVE it that people want to save our planet. I just wish the old farts would take heed and listen to the not-only-grassroots-hippie-environmental-folks, but listen to the land and our health. They are both screaming for a change. I ain't just talking Obama, but I will shout his name from the mountain tops with pride for this country if we correctly put him in the White House.

Come out to Pilcrow! Support your local publishers, your local shops, your local farmers, your local everything! And if you publish anything, maybe think about using these guys.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Only 75 more to go...

As if I wasn't already reminded of how seemingly unmarriable I am, I must don another fucking bridesmaid dress. I am the "sister" of the groom yet again, and yet again I am made to buy a red dress that will make me look like a fucking house. YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! It is so lame to be so negative about it, but I don't have money to buy a dress for someone I almost don't like, but because she had to go and marry one of my best friends, I am forced to be gracious and accept the cost along with the distant annoyance. I will refrain from going into full details as it is possible to hurt her feelings and I am really doing all of it for the groom. Fucking dick. I owe him nothing and yet I feel this unending need to do things for him even though he treated me with such repeated disrespect. This is the time to let it go and yet, I grow more annoyed because the bride has picked David's Bridal for the dresses and there is no David's Bridal in Chicago. It's in a 'burb and hour away. Come ON! If I weren't so damn self conscious, my wedding would all be in the nude.

For the record and a little history of my wedding involvements:
Flower girl
Altar server twice (that's right a progressive Catholic church- I didn't even have to wear a white robe and I carried the cross!)
Bridesmaid - 5 xs 6 in October
Maid of Honor
Emcee of reception
Weed provider for bride

~was supposed to be in three others and backed out of two and wasn't involved in the third because it stayed with just immediate family and I have two more on the horizon, but they will probably elope to avoid the hassle of it all. I respect them all the way. Spending that much money on one day sends me to space. Recently I was invited to a wedding with 650 guests. I.I...I..I..honestly had no idea how to digest considering the guest list AND racistly enough I expected the table of black folk I was meeting to stand out for me or for me to stand out to them, but no luck with 650 colors of the rainbow. No alcohol. I was thankful to not drink because I would have been housed in the middle of the burbs and making cracks about the grooms Aladdin suit. Traditional garb for his country sure, but ignorant white girl's fodder. Complete with the elf shoes. I almost peed my pants. Soooooo glad there was no alcohol. The brides dress was covered in multi-colored beads or jewels. Still, the sheer weight of it must have been just unnecessary. I am unable to justify the necessity, but that makes me a different type of woman. For me, it is about my man and me. I appreciate the idea of sharing with your friends and family, and I'm all about ceremony and tradition, but not all brides need a carnival to join with the love of her life.