Thursday, July 19, 2007


In the movie 61 (great film), there are many scenes with the shots of Yankee Stadium filled to the brim during those days and it just is amazing that there are still that many people if not millions more attending baseball games at the same time. People have got to slow down on having the babies. No wonder the Pope doesn't believe in birth control. Catholics must populate!! Populate like scary ass muthah fuckin' bunnies. I am amazed at the amount of children that people have and then decide to go out with them all at once, all the time. That would drive me fucking crazy. OMG. Totally amazing and patient. I walked home from the train tonight which is just over a mile and along the way is always interesting neighborhood activity and very diverse mixes of people most of which run with their own kind in packs or couples and the frequent drunk or beggar. It never ceases to amaze me the lackadaisical approach to parenting some cultures exercise when crossing the street. Call me overprotective, but when crossing the street with both parents, more than 3 in tow and all under 7, you might want to carry a couple, not drag them across the street slowly, letting them drop whatever is in their hands then everyone stopping in the GD street and not looking first to see if there was a car on its way before all stopping to watch the 1 yr old pick up whatever it is she dropped. Good run on. It popped another lightbulb in my head about my feelings on parenting and birthing my own kids. Adoption is the only option right now. Though I am not afraid of going to term with my own kids has nothing to do with fear of that, but understanding in the fact that millions of children are without parents now and who knows how fast that number will grow. I just wish people would stop to think of the consequences for having children and why can't your husband pull his dick out before he plants it? These are just some of the many questions I think about frequently. I don't like Western medicine and though I take BC, that is the only regular prescription med that I take and hope to keep it that way for a while. Just remember for some health care insurances Viagra is covered, but not birth control pills.