Friday, September 02, 2011

Ozzie Guillen

Ozzie Guillen, the present coach for the Chicago White Sox, crossed in front of my man's car in Wicker Park this evening.  It was one of those things where I noticed him right away, but not for who he was, but what he was about to do.  My honey, Chris, and I were driving west on North Ave, well trying to anyway, and we had to stop for traffic already, so we let a couple jaywalk across from the Chase (bank).  There was a gentleman coming out of the Chase about 40 yards behind them and I was figuring since traffic was stopped he would attempt the same.  Glad Chris is as much of a conscientious driver as I am and saw the man.  He had some facial hair going on, but at a second look from 10 ft away it struck me like a wave of joy.  It's Ozzie Guillen.  I had so much to say.  I wanted to talk to him about yesterday's game since I was at the game (8.31.11), but there was no time.  I couldn't get my phone out fast enough to take a picture, so I decided to say something.  The window was already down and I said, "Good to see you, sir.  Love you, man."  He smiled and thanked me.  He smiled the whole time.  I hope it was a true smile and not a "fan smile", you know, the one they have until you're out of sight?   I sure handled myself better than I did with Harry Connick, Jr.  Most embarrassing moment of my life.  I don't love Ozzie as much as Harry, but equally respected.  I love the Chicago White Sox.  Thank you Brent Fox for introducing me to this team and helping me learn to love the game of baseball.  Other Dawg! !!

Frank Deford did a spot on NPR recently about the longevity of baseball season.  I have to say, with all due respect, I believe to each his own.  I love a long season especially if the Sox are in it all the way to the World Series.  Baseball is awesome. 
(little tiny Ozzie in the left hand corner leaning at the fence in the dugout)

I shared a smile with Ozzie Guillen today.  'Thank you' was what I did not get out of my mouth before you hurriedly went east and we went west on North.  You have a lovely smile, sir.  Let's get these boys to the World Series again!!  DOOOOOO iiiiiiiiittttt!!!!

Go Go White Sox!   

-If anyone reading this can prove Ozzie Guillen was in Wicker Park last night (9.1.11 -the White Sox were off which helped fuel the 'it has to be him' situation) please let me know.  I'd like to confirm my spastic reaction today.