Monday, June 13, 2011

Karate Kid Bus Buddy

Ever ride the bus/train and see the same folks, but never speak? Yeah, here's one of those. When I first started taking this particular bus route, I noticed a gentleman that reminded me of Ralph Macchio. Now, granted, Ralph Macchio is much cuter, but still, the Italian I was riding the bus with gave an indication that he, too, was of the same culture, background, but not from Long Island, NY, necessarily like Macchio.

Every day I'd see this dude and every day I created more thoughts about his personality and you know, 'he kind of looks like he'd be a dick' kind of thing or 'He seems nice talking to that other bus rider'. Over the past 3 years or so, I have been observing his behavior without so much as a 'Howya doin?' from him or from me, but we would almost seemingly want to talk to each other. Well, today's the day. I get on the bus and avoid eye contact with the majority of the riders, as usual, I sit down next to no one and I look up to see a co-worker sitting next to the Ralph Macchio lookalike and he indicates they are neighbors. I indicate that we're kind of bus buddies and the RM lookin' dude smiled and agreed. Didn't get his name, but talked to both of them the whole 15 min bus ride. I so enjoy how our brains work in conjunction with the energy of the universe. I often wonder if folks on the other side of that energy feel the same way.