Sunday, September 28, 2008

Roller Derby Yeehah!

The legs right at the hip joint are more sore than I remember them ever being even after playing tennis and doing suicides, etc. The knees are trippin' out, too, which is expected, sad to say. Not too bad, but kind of funny that today's pain came just about two hours after we stopped instead of gracefully reminding me tomorrow morning while I attempt to get out of bed. The last time that happened was when I participated in a three day intensive stage combat workshop in '05. I was positive my legs were gonna collapse on the way to the train after only the first day. The burning. JC. Today is not even close to that pain because our health and leg muscles are pretty ok. Just chubby. Conventional gyms are not what I look for in a workout.

My buddy JP and three other skater/punk chicks picked me up and we drove what seemed like ever out to Lombard (a 'burb of Chicago) to the roller rink since Chicago doesn't have any rinks. Sad. The group that hosted tonight's open skate were the Derby Lite team. Super group of gals. It's a commitment, but it's also way fun and different. I'm gonna do it. I bought some damn skates. I also got a lot of encouragement and the pain I feel now is something that will certainly go away with continued efforts and perseverance. And the fact that I bought the daggone skates!!! Wha??? Well, as the 15 year old skates that I was driving started to liquefy and drop shrapnel on the rink endangering everyone, we figured while we were there might as well get some new parts. It turned into buying skates. I cannot express the sheer joy I felt skating again. It was absolutely delightful. I was good, too. It felt so good to put on those skates and find a little confidence I used to have when it was three times a week to the rink in junior high and high school. Great day. Tomorrow I may feel like the 'floor of a taxi cab', but it will have been very worth the continued grunting.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cancer Breast Poop

About a month ago I had the pleasure of greeting a new doctor with my legs spread. i.e. This is the 5th doctor in my series of doctors since I graduated college that I've met for the first time on my annual pap visit. HELLO \_/!!!! That sad symbol looks nothing like my vagina. Oh, my bad, I meant to say vajayjay. What-ev. Well, during this visit I was a little stressed about the move, having fallen off the smoking wagon for a few weeks (I'm clean again for good), and just the current situation of our world in general. My doc found a lump. Great. The next day, when my mom was to be in town, she was able to go with me to the hospital to get a mammogram and ultrasound. Good fun! I have to tell you, I was pretty calm for what could await me in the viewing room. I've never sat in a room half nekked, waiting for what felt like an eternity for a stranger to tell me I could leave the room. That was awkward and somewhat alarming, but I just chalked it up to routine. I was given clear instructions that my doctor was the only one that could read the results to me. Turns out my doctor was on vacation. I didn't even bother. I waited until after the Labor Day holiday, but before I could question anything, I received a form letter that explained all is clear and that I should get a regular mammogram when I turn 40. Wow. A form letter? I take the good news. Last week, my mother informs me (after she repeatedly asks if I am sitting down) that my sister has breast cancer. Folks, it is the most amazing thing to be cleared of any health disasters, but it does a disservice to our health when our loved ones are touched with scary illnesses especially a highly ironic diagnosis. My sister has some serious treatment coming her way as it is an aggressive strain of breast cancer, but her doctor is of Johns Hopkins and with the advancement of technology these days, I feel she will have the best chance at recovery and lifelong remission. This is optimism. The level of stress in her life, again, I believe, directly results in this heinous infection in her body. Folks, smoke weed, don't marry the hot navy guy until you know he gives a shit about real things, and when you have kids teach them how not to be selfish, superficial, and how to pick up after themselves. It goes beyond that fo' sho', but in my near numb reaction to my own sister's predicament, I am reminded of just how vulnerable we are and for life to turn on us is just a shame.

I consider myself a veteran of cancer interactions: My Godmother died of lung cancer in 1989, my best friend died of cervical cancer at 25 in 2002, a once good friend had Hodgkins twice, a very dear friend had a lump removed from her breast, we're not sure what my mom's mother and/or sister lost their lives from (but we think it may have been Cancer), and let's not count how many of my friends' parents/family members that have and are dealing with cancer (if not the lasting effects of post treatment). Eat organic, breathe, and be grateful for the life you have right now, please.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Home Internet Eludes Me

As the Comcast stiffs, vacates, lies, steals, and tinkers with our lives and our ability to keep abreast of the technoligical world's constant battle, I haven't blogged in two months. Like there is anyone reading this that really cares, but I do. Just to complain about them for another few more minutes to keep you up to speed as to why I still don't have home internet service. Prior to moving at the end of Aug, I had called Comcast to set up a time slot for transfer of service. Three weeks. They had no appointments for 3 weeks. Oh, ok. I can kind of understand the situation for it to the "busiest" moving weekend of the year (?). They were informative to tell me to bring all of my equipment with my move, so that it can be hooked up at the new place and no charges will be added. Ok, so I had a family emergency last week and had to cancel my appt for Sat 9.13, but there was no chance for getting a tech out for the once offered 4-7pm slot during the week. Comcast had no other options even as I asked if there were any 4-7pm appts for Oct and the rep informed me that there were no appts for that time slot available. Why were we still talking about it? Why did she mention the option? I dunno, so instead of having to take yet another day off from my 9-5 job, I am forced to give up another Sat for them to decide whenever they want during some kind of window. I bet you that I could have easily just hooked the damn junk up myself with some basic information considering the prior tenants had the same setup. Comcast could save money if they took advantage of their "smart" users. They could have saved a day of wages for one tech, not to mention his gas and mileage. Am I retarded for wanting to save Comcast time, money, and energy? When will Comcast add an option on their auto attendant that allows their triple play customers to alert them that all three services are down without having to talk to three different representatives? When will Comcast get better customer service and stop treating their smart users like retards? Anyone? Anyone?