Monday, June 25, 2007

Annoyance, Retribution, and a Smack in da Face

After an ok day at work, I thought a small load of laundry would be enough to get me through to the week end. Now mind you, part of the beauty of living in this wonderful apt is the fact that laundry is included. I can use the facilities without quarters and provided none of the other tenants are using them (1 washer, 1 dryer). As long as I don't have to worry about lugging my shit out of the apt and/or having to have quarters or any kind of $$$, I am otay. Well, about 6 months ago our landlord bought a new high efficiency machine because the previous one blew up with over and improper use by my famously loud stepping neighbors. Good job, Hooker. Well, today I go to use the washer and there is still water in there and knowing that isn't right, but thought that it just didn't drain properly so I turn it on and the property manager hears me (she lives on the floor above the basement) and yells down to me that it is broken. I ask her if she's serious as I am coming up the stairs and she says, "Yeah, that fucking bitch upstairs crams the thing full." OMG. I almost hugged her had she not just been in her bra and skirt. She's a precious woman, don't get me wrong. The loud ass neighbor upstairs and her boyfriend seem to do their laundry all in one load. Now, granted this girl is tiny and could probably fit all her thongs, bras, and anything else in her wardrobe in one load, but she tries to add her oaf of a boyfriend's stuff, too and done broke the damn new washer. So I had a lovely temper tantrum which wouldn't have happened if someone was just using the thing, but having the whole thing down inconveniences the whole building. I was cussing at her from my apartment again and I rarely do that anymore, but it felt good up until I could feel it become negative and not adrenaline. So I cool off and talk to a good buddy and focus attention on more positive things. After we get off the phone I decide to go to Sunflower after all because I have no food for lunch and it is just cheaper to not buy my lunch every day. On my way out to the car I made an effort to take the shoes for Goodwill/ Salvation Army and the 2 yr old Tidy Cat containers that I had been hoping to recycle as plant potters and put them in the car. Well in doing so, I locked my keys in my trunk. Boo. I don't have a spare. State Farm doesn't call the business for you and then they might reimburse you after the service is rendered if they want to reimburse you. So I called AAA and reinstated my membership which is a terrific service. Dynamic service. I shall wait for them to rescue my keys from the trunk. Karma does remind you to keep yourself in check. If someone offers you joy, enjoy it, don't exploit it.

Friday, June 08, 2007

If They Had Any Fucking Brains

they would not incarcerate these people. A dime bag for fuck's sack. Aside from the whole fucking Paris Hilton thing, you have this bullshit that should never have happened. Why are we still prosecuting people that are harmless? WTF? Why do I feel the need to not only kick random ass, but to roll fatties and light 'em up in public? Rebellion never hit me in college. It's hitting me now.

Education is our only hope. Education on everything. If we don't educate ourselves on everything when it is presented to us, we miss so much. Especially education about drugs and alcohol consumption. Drugs are a problem, but marijuana is a not one of those drugs, it is a resource. A resource not only for health and recreation, but for material that comes in so many different forms including, but not limited to food, clothing and paper. Pot may be a gateway drug, but if you educate yourself and your children on drugs, they will be able to see the difference between crack and pot. Educate. Pot is less of a problem than alcohol consumption in my hippie opinion. You don't have to smoke it. You can eat it, too. It can make the finest cookies you have ever tasted and that's before the effects even kick in.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Still Present,,2083762,00.html

Aren't there laws against inbreeding? And people with a dime bag are continuously going to jail? But Betty Sue and Leroy Macadung can have as many retarded children as they can squeeze out and beat as they want? Did not the Civil Rights Movement happen decades ago? I like rhetorical questions in blogs. Has anyone informed Old Man Whitey that he is on his way to extinction? That soon he and his sister/wife will be minorities and their children will have to keep up the family's mental incapacity only to get killed by crafty minorities? Sometimes I just don't like white people. Namely those that tend to live in the South. Hence my migration to the Midwest. No offense to my friends that still find themselves in the South or in some cases purposely moved further South because they like it or something.

What's even crazier is that I went to college in this town.

and in many cases, I prefer the chocolate mens to the ivory.

In an somewhat related story, a comedian acquaintance (worked with him at Chuggers in Richmond, VA with 9:55 Club) has made his mark on Fox News. He likes himself a bit, but he at least was able to get in some digs and he's pretty funny.