Sunday, September 24, 2006

Veg - it

When I become a vegetarian, I reserve the right to have special occasions. I'll say it now, yes indeed, I know the stomach problems that will ensue once my body becomes acclimated to the true herbivore lifestyle. The reason I allow it is to see if indeed, Dr Allen Carr knows what he's talking about in his book The EASYWEIGH to Lose Weight. This book requires more than the single week The EASYWAY to Stop Smoking took because there isn't just one thing I'm letting go of right away. Right now the best piece of meat I've ever devoured was a piece of Fillet Mignon from Morton's in No VA. The most delectable piece of beef I've ever had and there are not many meals that I can pinpoint favorites per se. Granted the Chipotle steak bowl with no beans will now have to be beans with no steak. Legumes. I spent part of yesterday repeating that word as if to get used to it in my vocab. Legumes. <produces repeated chuckles> It occurred to me that eating meat has always sicked me out somehow, but I just thought it was normal and focused on the end taste as opposed to the process of the presentation. It makes no good sense to have meat cooked, seasoned, and presented in such a way and now to be told that it's all false and incredibly hard to digest. Mind you, I judge not and I love meat, but I have had such a change of heart about meat and yes, I'm reading a book on weight loss after reading a book on how to stop smoking (9 wks and counting) with no regrets. To each his own for sure and yet, I totally agree with this man in all aspects of his teachings. More people who don't know these instructions should read his works. I can not believe that I stopped smoking and feel so far detached from being a smoker that I almost forget that I was one. I hope the same for meat. It is going to be a process. It is going to be interesting, too, as eventually I will weed out dairy. If it works, let it be for the best. I shared a wonderful feast with two good friends the other evening and they prepared scrumptious vegetarian dishes to celebrate Rosh Hashanah. It is dedication to cook vegetarian and though I missed most of the cooking and prep process, knowing them and knowing how much they love to cook leads me to believe that it is worth the process for them. If you don't like or don't know the first thing about cooking, get a cookbook and start learning. Today was the last home game for the White Sox and I had got a seat in the bleachers. The day was perfect. Perfect for baseball, perfect for last game, and perfect for multiple tiny reasons. First off, to be able to drive to the game is awesome and know where to park in non-permit zones is great. Not minding the walk from that parking spot, even better, and getting to the game early. Some bumps, but things that certainly didn't damper anything. First bump was that I forgot to put deodorant on, but the weather turned out cooler and I kept my arms slammed against my sides while I walked. The seat was wet and I had meant to bring a Sox towel with me, but I didn't so it was good that I had picked up extra napkins. I had told myself that I would be getting a bratwurst to celebrate the end of eating meat with the Sox and I subconsciously bought a veggie burger and a pretzel. Crazy. I had already made the decision and my body and mind are almost in sync.

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