Tuesday, September 19, 2006


It has been said that everyone is different, yet, we all, in one way or another, buy into the same stuff. I say I hate Tom Cruise and could give two poops about his kid, but as soon as I saw her, I wanted to buy the fucking magazine (so I looked at every web page that had the tiny pic to find out she's too cute to be his kid). Buying magazines used to be my purpose in life among other useless talents. I collect, therefore I am a pack rat. Man. Everything from 16 to Teen Beat and Rolling Stone to Vanity Fair (which ended the month before Suri) has kept me way caught up on the most useless of all information. It makes no difference that I have the 16 mag from 1989 with The Monkees on it. I don't really, but did however; I wouldn't buy it a second time. Even when constructing the Russell Crowe montage, I bought two of every mag, and some of those were international, more than $3 a piece. Crazy. Pointless. I only read a small percentage of the mags an even smaller percentage of actually reading the whole thing. In fact, off hand, nowadays Rolling Stone and Radar are the only mags I remember reading for more than just what cute dudes were featured. Too bad Radar only lasted 3 (?) issues. It was pretty cool. Not cool however to give them $40 for two years of mags. That is the #1 reason I have not renewed any subscriptions. I am fathomed by the amount of money I spent on mags as a child let alone as an adult. Not candy; fucking magazines. Mostly to cut up and put on my wall. Of course I could give a shit about Kurt Cameron or Becca's boyfriend from Life Goes On. Gimme more Ralph Macchio and of course NKOTB. I still keep the montage of Russell on the wall and only as of late have I thought of selling it. What we sell when we need the money because the things we are selling are what caused us to need more money. I sure wish I could ebay that dang Monkees' 16 mag. That might could bring in some dizzzzough.

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