Tuesday, May 10, 2011

James of the Crazy

Have you seen the commercial where John Jameson (of the Irish whiskey) goes to save a barrel of whiskey by jumping off the side of a boat? Here it is if you have managed to miss it. My mother is a Jameson drinker as is my stepfather and my dude. Alcoholism was "normal" during my childhood, but there's a diff between functional and belligerent. My folks never abused me verbally or physically, now and again though, they may have been incredibly drunk and drove me home, but I'm alive as are they. I have encountered more belligerence in the last year than I care to admit, but there is something about Jameson. A dear friend of mine in college used to have episodes due to him drinking vodka. I still wish I had been there to see the jumbo bag of Chex Mix get sprayed all over the room (I hope you don't mind me saying it here, I won't mention your name ;) Certain alcohols do things to people and that is the most uncomfortable thing. Generally, if a person acts retarded (not PC) or "weird", it is assumed they are on drugs. It's not always true. In fact, the more I continue on with my use of a certain smokable lifesaver, I wonder how many folks out there would rather take a hit and enjoy a Coke (Mexican, non-corn syrup of course) as opposed to having an alcoholic beverage. If it's laced, it's one thing, but generally, it just slows down the situation as opposed to creating an asshole. I don't judge, but when safety is a factor, then your messin' with my emotions. I have witnessed someone go from funny, sweet, and helpful to belligerent, mean, and fucking nuts. There is a shift in the eyes and you know, it's only downhill from there. A comment given to me on my birthday that rings throughout my head the past couple of days is dirty dishwater blond hair. Seriously? I have had this hair color for the majority of my life, sans a few years where I was frosting my hair. Yes, frosting. I admit, it was near translucent in some areas, but it worked for me and my bangs. Worst insult I have ever received and I fully believe that Jameson was the fuel behind it. I can't give too much detail here as I am constantly working through this situation with breathing, understanding, and forgiveness. I walk away when it gets rough, and this bastard has me hanging on because he is SOOOO much different and good when not drowning in Jameson which, I now believe has a chemical included that makes people want to die or at least express it at the height of drunk. It is something that scares me and I will continue to treat my drunk friends with respect, but until my mother visits again, Jameson will no longer be welcome in my home. Sorry to shut out my Irish liquor buddy, but go save an octopus somewhere else.

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