Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Good Grief

Oh how time flies. Pardon the interruption. Things is good. Things is bad. Things are always growing and changing. Sometimes it is incredibly difficult to swallow. Speaking of, I haven't swallowed cum and enjoyed it in ages! That's a segway for the sake of segways. After pretty much shutting down for two years over the death of my best friend, I have finally returned to the social. The thing that has changed most is the lack of drinking situations I allow myself to encounter. Most people in this town are drinkers and unfortunately, I just am not and have been that way my whole life. I have completely accepted it, but it somehow enables peer pressure stronger than any other I ever experienced in grade school or otherwise. In college even when some nights I just didn't, it was asked once and not brought up again. When I go home to visit my mother (or any family member) that is just about the second thing she asks, "Can I gitcha a beeah?" (Long Island accent, not hillbilly). It almost breaks my heart to tell her, "No, thank you," and she is almost offended or doesn't believe that I don't drink on a regular basis like the rest of the clan. Honestly, if I didn't feel so self righteous sometimes around my family, I might visit them more often, but one must keep their egos in check. Not that I think I am great, for in fact, I learned to be self righteous from them. A word in edgewise was something I rarely granted and still to this day, of say an hour of phone time, I got about 4 blips interspersed throughout the convo. My sister is great, and granted she knows this already which makes her even cooler, but the girl gots some stories and she do talk a whole fucking lot. When any of my family members get drunk, I have no chance which may be one reason for the cannabis on my part. I could honestly droll on about the many reasons why alcohol should keep as a pain killer and the many shitstorms I have witnessed for the wear not to mention the lack of faith and trust in friends during the drunkest night of my life, but we will move forward.

Focus using alcohol as an over the counter med. Tax it more per shelf. In some ways I feel that way about pot and mushrooms as well. The natural aspect of medicating is provided in these devices. This is not a platform to preach, and I ain't no GD bible beatin' Christian. Far from. I realized I sent my dad two emails or FWs as per usual with pictures depicting drunks and the retarded things people do when inebriated, and note that this is a guy about to light a firework. This is the least graphic of the pic series. If you want more, let me know.
The other email entered in on family and culture.

The picture (that won't load for some reason) is Ireland after the most recent flooding or so that's what the caption indicated. It shows a bunch of Irishmen standing at an outside bar drinking with their pants pulled up in a foot of water. It didn't occur to me until tonight that these pics may have been offensive to my father. It was not intentional, but somehow they came one after another. He had no personal response, only more forwards that I have no time to read. He is such a good guy. It is really sad that it did not work out between he and my Mom. Oh, the unforch.

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